Former #SisterPatriot goes on a “Good Rant”

This woman was a member of #SisterPatriots and she saw something she did not agree with, stood her ground and stood firm on her principles. I cannot fault that, nor would I …..since I have \worked with sexually abused victims in the past.

It is worth a read even though it is a twitter rant it is a good one.

I disagree with one thing, She mentions twitter hashtag war, that maybe true with some, but the ones I know of are fought because of Spam Blocks done by one group…. some groups are fighting and trying to prevent that from cotinuing,

Even on twitter some seek fame and power. Everyone wants to be another Breitbart. There was and will be only one Andrew.

Start at the bottom of this post and read up……

    1. Off to Ash Wednesday Mass. Couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

    2. @KY_Patriot There are millions of children on Twitter. Those who survived abuse don’t need to see their experience used as a weapon

    3. I’m done. Thanks for listening.

    4. From now on, the only hashtag I will post to is #prolife.

    5. Rant over. If you feel you need to unfollow me because I took a stand, knock yourself out. That is all.

    6. There are billions of Twitter users, and some of them are bound to be abuse survivors. I won’t help you hurt them to win a hashtag war.

    7. And using such terms as a tool to flame others should be beneath Christians and conservatives, no matter what provocation.

    8. …is spitting in the faces of victims of childhood sexual abuse. This kind of behavior is detestable irregardless of political affiliation 

    9. …I can no longer in good conscience support this group. Any

      Speaker For The Dead ‏@Jill_Speaks  50m

      1. As a lot of you know, I’ve been a supporter of the #SisterPatriots hashtag. After having seen this:

        Embedded image permalink




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