@/WayneBogda’s Twitter Meltdown

Start reading at the bottom and work your way up.  This is all done in one night, and I WELCOME YOU  to search in the searchbox | jeanniemcbride WayneBogda | AND NOTICE i HAVE NOT TWEETED THIS MAN.  He is a stalker and obsessed. And I have made a report to Twitter. I don’t know how many tweets I reported, but it took me hours to log them into a report.  So start at the bottom if you want them in the order the happened. Notice that I have been threatened by him.  I believe I might have a case with twitter. He mentioned me 54 times in a few hours and he is BLOCKED

Results for jeanniemcbride waynebogda

  1. @jeanniemcbride Who’s the stalker Jeannie? You have me blocked but fav my tweets seconds after I send them? Hmmm

  2. @jeanniemcbride @asideofbacon @lancesr62 @LuM1996 to me or my friends. Your own medicine. You are going to get the same attention you’ve

  3. @jeanniemcbride @asideofbacon @lancesr62 @LuM1996 I unblocked you a few days ago and will be tweeting to your every conversation pertaining

  4. @jeanniemcbride @asideofbacon @lancesr62 @LuM1996 tagging you into threads and YOU keep creeping my TL. Who’s the stalker?

  5. @jeanniemcbride @asideofbacon @lancesr62 @LuM1996 libelous slander. You keep talking about us, faving and RTing tweets. YOURE friends keep

  6. @jeanniemcbride @asideofbacon @lancesr62 @LuM1996 Linda and I have had you blocked too. But you just continue tweeting and blogging the

  7. @JazzcatWP @jeanniemcbride @asideofbacon Another unsubstantiated lie. You “conservatives” really kill me.

  8. Linda, honey, I’ll post SSs for those who don’t know the truth–YET. You already do, silly. @WayneBogda @jeanniemcbride @lancesr62 @LuM1996

  9. @asideofbacon @jeanniemcbride @lancesr62 @LuM1996 No? Nothing then? No proof of ANY of your accusations? No more phony prayers?

  10. @asideofbacon @jeanniemcbride @lancesr62 @LuM1996 and your an unprincipled idiot. You throw that word, liar, around a lot but never prove it

  11. LOL! Cue the caveat. You’re funny. And, a liar. But, a funny liar all the same. @WayneBogda @jeanniemcbride @lancesr62 @LuM1996

  12. We’ve entered CAPLOCKRAGEMODE with Wayne. It’s Twitter, dude. Lighten up. @WayneBogda @twitter @Support @jeanniemcbride @lancesr62 @LuM1996

  13. Wow. So the powers-that-be at Twitter unblocked my acct from your acct. Like magic & stuff. @WayneBogda @jeanniemcbride @lancesr62 @LuM1996

  14. @asideofbacon @jeanniemcbride @lancesr62 @LuM1996 while you’re (as in you are) at it, show me proof I ever called anyone a pedophile liar.

  15. @asideofbacon @jeanniemcbride @lancesr62 @LuM1996 Show me YOUR SS of your accusation then. Isn’t that what you were referring to?

  16. Judgmental with nary a fact to support your bogus assertions. *yawn* @WayneBogda @jeanniemcbride @lancesr62 @LuM1996

  17. A SS AFTER you unblocked me. Come on, Wayne. Surely even your devious mind can do better. @WayneBogda @jeanniemcbride @lancesr62 @LuM1996

  18. @WayneBogda:@jeanniemcbride @asideofbacon @claydirtman @LuM1996 I have no “socks” Jeannie, unlike u, all my accounts have my name & pic”

  19. @asideofbacon @jeanniemcbride @lancesr62 @LuM1996 We both have you blocked troll. Twitter saw fit to unblock you. Got something to say?

  20. @jeanniemcbride @asideofbacon @claydirtman @LuM1996 You mean other than your friend Mikey? He has that many PhD parodies. Lol.

  21. @jeanniemcbride @asideofbacon @claydirtman @LuM1996 I have no “socks” Jeannie, unlike you, all my accounts have my name and picture.


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