The MANY Accounts of #QuagmireAmerica aka Randy Hahn aka Jason Wade Taylor aka Seth Plate

Here are a few of Randy’s accounts, It will not be a complete list since he has blocked me on TWO of those accounts and adds to his account numbers daily. BTW having multiple accounts with the same purpose is against Twitter’s TOS policies.

Also the two accounts that have me blocked? THOSE have bought followers, one as many as 37,000 followers, which is also against Twitter’s TOS policy. I checked with @Support, and Twitter no longer allows any purchase of followers, and if caught later on, they WILL suspend your account or suspend your location from every having an account. Just so you know.

Now all of Randy’s accounts trash conservatives. I don’t include Randy in the Conservative category because I don’t know too many conservatives who wear Obama T-shirts.


I also don’t know too many conservatives who have arrest records and have done prison time either.


The man is delusional at best–




But without further comment here is a list of the newest JWT’s accounts or suspected accounts?

I may add to them as HE DOES

@HahnsOpus and @BigMayorCharlie he won’t allow me to follow. But the rest are here…..



Added Account is @SimonBHahn


BTW in case you actually believe some of his bogus con man claims, just google any of his aliases or listen to this.



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