Who Made Anyone Twitter Pope?

Seriously, did Twitter bestow special powers to some who tweet? There are some on Twitter that seem to think that special powers have been granted to them! They DOX people who they deem unworthy of being a Conservative, or a Republican, or any other party alliance. These people have set themselves up as judge and jury. Bullying individuals and innocents They google what they can, use special apps and spend their days in “research” on an individual that displeases them. They find someone with the same name in the U.S. and claim that that person committed a crime and even post false pictures, some are family pictures and do not belong to the person they are attacking. This has been going on for years. And I ask… why do you do this? Why have you spent day after day searching for people’s addresses, home, schools, children, family, how much their house cost, where they go to church, what their neighbors names are, did they get a traffic ticket etc. ? FOR WHAT PURPOSE?? What will you do with the info? Who will you tell? And while you run down some descent Conservatives, what are you tweeting? Sex, sexting,  who said what to who? Are you tweeting about Conservative causes? No, you are too busy DOXING some innocent person who may not share the same opinion as YOU. YOU ARE PATHETIC! There are real issues out there….. Scandals galore, Veterans dying, more may die in Afghanistan, current events, carnage, beheadings, and occasionally some good news, although that is not often. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Put up an avatar of a women’s butt and trash talk? Or start a blog radio show and pass out in a drunken rage in the middle? Some profess to be Christian. Seriously? Do you even bother to go to Church? Do you tell God in prayer that this week you: Lied, bear false witness, dishonored someone’s parents, had DM sex on twitter, sent someone naked pictures. You know what you did this week. When was the last time you read this?: download (4) And then you have the audacity to tell me or anyone else that twitter is OUR LIFE? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Before you judge others….. remember who will judge you. When GOD asks, what did you do? Do you tell him “Oh I spent most of my time, destroying people on a website.”  What a legacy!  And it is yours.


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